Welcome to Aerofiber Acoustics

Over the course of our pioneering history, with over 40 years of collective experience in the building industry, we have emerged as one ofthe world's leading providers ofacoustic noise controlproducts and systems. Ourreputationhas beenbuilt onourcommitment to ourcustomers to designand manufacture top quality products to make the world a better sounding place. We recognise that understanding and meeting our client's requirements is the keyto our success. Withthat in mind, we lookforward to serving you – whereveryou are inthe world. 

Aerofiber Acoustics began to serve the needs of the building industry for vibro-acoustical products in India, Asia, the Middle East, African And South American regions. Since its inception “Aerofiber Acoustics” has grown to become a brand preferred by architects, designers & acousticians for environment friendly, cost effective, noise rated dry-wall partitions, acoustic ceilings, wall panelling & flooring products.

Welcome to Aerofiber Acoustics







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Mission & Vision


Aero Fiber acoustics shall turn out as the market leader in the nation with an outstanding approach to quality and social values.


Aero Fiber acoustics shall come forward by offering incredible facilities to the society by standing on the edge of the technology and innovations. We are focused on showering the customers with top-notch construction products and services altogether.


  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Integrity
  3. Quality assurance
  4. Cost-effective
  5. Transparency
  6. Welfare of employee
  7. Sustainable development

These are the seven elements that are imbibed in our business and workforce who are focused on delivering astounding work. We are rock solid to achieve the goals of the business despite hurdles and challenges coming in the way.


Mission & Vision

Using nature as a valuable asset

Aero fiber acoustics integrates with the social along with environmental concerns using which the business operations are carried out. Along with this, we are totally involved in bringing the designs, and structures keeping in mind the need of the customers without affecting nature even by an inch.

Social responsibility and health concerns

Our company is socially responsible for the health of the entire workforce in addition to the clients. Here the primary consideration is with respect to the health and safety of the entire team and individuals involved for any respective project. The Company has further adopted the CSR techniques as per the set standards followed with ethical behaviour.