Wood Flutes

Wood Flutes

Aerofiber WoodyFlutes is a classic system with configuration of longitudinal grooves available in melamine / veneer/ paint finished surface and base core acoustical fibre board with rear circular perforations and black acoustic fleece backing for sound impedance. It is available in plank form with tongue and groove edge. When installed with FA18 and cleat on walls and ceiling it provides a seamless finish with lineal grooves. Non -FR Woody Flutes is a medium density fibre board in yellow colour whereas FR grade is high density fibreboard in pink colour. Woody Flutes when installed impart a feeling of warmth and cosiness to architectural spaces and can be used in hotels, home theatres, offices, auditoriums and convention halls for rich woody visuals. 

Wood has its own charm when used in interior space designs and Aerofiber WoodyFlutes enhances this further providing a lineal effect that helps in enhancing widths or heights while adding to the natural beauty and warmth of woods. The aesthetic appeal of Woody flutes in combination with its sound absorbing qualities is a winning combination for a long-lasting design of an interior space.

Woody flutes

Choice of Veneers, Laminate & paint finishes with multiple groove options

 Rear side 10mm perforation with black acoustic fleece