WoodyWool Fabrico

WoodyWool Fabrico

WoodyWool Fabrico wrapped over WoodyWool boards is an attractive, aesthetically pleasing solution for sound absorption and noise control. WoodyWool Fabrico is made from pinewood's long superfine filament-type fibres that are bonded with magnesite permitted additives. It is extremely robust panel with honeycomb type micro porous structure, which achieves excellent sound and heat insulation. Rendering architects are now provided with the best eco-friendly solution for heat insulation and sound absorption purposes. These are aesthetically pleasing acoustic systems and easyto install.

Fabrico: The fabrics on the surface are available in different types in a wide range of colours and patterns

  WoodyWool Fabrico (Fur / Ribbed)

 Fabric finish for rugged use

 Ribbed fabric with impact resistant substrate

 Plain fur type fabric surface, with impact resistant substrate, (Cost effective fabric finish)

 Core material: Super fine filament-type pinewood long fiber, magnesite bonded impact

 resistant durable boards.